The Foolishness of Preaching

I am preaching in the Saturday night, and Sunday morning at 9 and 11:30 am services. Pastor Mike Dedera is the main preacher now, but he will just be getting home from Africa so I get to preach. Why do I preach? Many people think that in this age of computers and high tech electronics that preaching is terribly outdated and ineffective  as a tool to communicate truth. It is important for me to remember that God chose  preaching, and said that the world would call it foolishness.

So what is my reason for preaching, what is my goal, what am I hoping will happen. Some would think that it is teaching people how to act and behave in a loving way. My reason is to move people intellectually, emotionally, and cognitively closer and closer to God so that they would have a truly intimate relationship with Him, and they would become like Him in character.

If you look carefully at those words and think about them you will realize what an amazing statement that is “move people closer to God so they can know Him and become like Him.” Some are able to make that happen, but most are not. I think the key is that I pray for every person in our church each week and amoung other things I ask God if He would  please work supernaturally in their life and open their heart.

It is quite amazing to think about that I could teach the Word of God, and that God would work in people’s hearts.


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