Pull the trigger

today was our second day hunting in Wyoming for a mule deer buck. Yesterday we road horses all day and I thought I was near death my muscles hurt so bad. Today we walked all day as we attempted to find a wiley  old buck and retire him to our freezer. My muscles tonight hurt and ache really bad in all different places. We saw a lot of deer today and a number of bucks.  The number one question today was, “what is the smallest you will go” on buck size. One of Seth’s statements was, “You didn’t drive all the way to Wyoming to shoot a buck you could get in Oregon”. My argument was, “I don’t want to go home with nothing”.  This morning first thing we spotted a nice buck up on the hill side with our binaculars, and watched him feed.  So then the questions and statements began as we tried to figure out how big he was as we watched him a half mile away.  Then we spotted another one a little bit bigger, and  the evaluation started all over again. “To little”, “not bad”, “he will do”.  I settled the discussion by announcing, ” I am going to hike up this ridge and when I get to that old snag I am going to come over the ridge nice and slow and shoot him.” As I got up and started up the hill Seth and my Wyoming friend Andrew followed me. My second strongest character trait is decisiveness. When I need to pull the trigger I pull it”. Few things paralyze a person like indecision does., one of my life motto’s learned from my Dad is, “don’t make a decision until you have to, so you can gather as much information as possible so you can make a wise decision, but when you have to make it, make it”.

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