No Buck

we hunted hard all day yesterday and saw lots of does, but no bucks. After getting back to our room I sat down in a chair to read, pray, and write my blog and promptly fell asleep sitting in the chair and woke up at 3 am so got up on crawled into my sleeping bag. We slept in to 8 am this morning, got up, packed the pickup, and now we are on our way home. It was a good three days of hunting in the wilderness of Wyoming seeing lots of gorgeous scenery and country, having great experiences, and having a very enjoyable time with my son Seth (he did get bucked  off his horse, but I will tell that story tonight). One of the key things that any person who wants to bear much fruit for God, accomplish a lot with their life, change the world, and be a “winner” in life must learn is how important it is to have big dreams and desires that are getting bigger all the time, always want more, and then they must learn how to manage the disappointment of unrealized dreams, desires, and goals. If that is not learned the dreams, desires, wants, and goals will shrink in pursuit of joy, comfort, and self worth. Contentment is one of the 26 character traits that I am pursuing. Contentment is not a ho-hum, oh well, whatever attitude that results in lack of drive, low passion, no dreams, and a negative opinion of goals. My definition of contentment is “want more and more, dream big and bigger, work as hard as you can, sacrifice significantly, trust God with the results in the process, and thank Him for the results when the hunt is over, repeatedly until it is sincere. Then think and ponder about what could have been done better, ask others if appropriate, write that information down, and begin planning the next big thing in your life!

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