for the last several weeks I have been blogging about character, and I have referred to the 26 character traits that I use to do self-evaluation. I mentioned my two worst character traits, orderliness being #26, and Flexible being #25, and just for fun I will give you #24 which is “Gentleness”. There are some of you who guessed that one at #26. But everybody has some strong character traits as well as the weak ones, and I think it is good to acknowledge those without thinking that you are being prideful for doing so. Of the 26 character traits I would say and Patty agrees with me that  my strongest character trait  is “being tough, having grit, handling pain well”. My Dad and Mom were very tough people, Mom still is, and they taught that character trait well to me, so it is a gift from them to me. Character is what we are on the inside. Most of these 26 character traits start with discipline, move to habit, and then become character. When you are “tough” in character you don’t have to “suck it up”, try hard, bite your lip, you just think a certain way and habitually respond a certain way to hard things so your toughness is natural, comfortable, and “it is just who you are”.  People with this character trait enjoy the challenge of conquering pain. Today as Seth and I hunted for monster mule deer bucks in Wyoming with a friend we road horses into Shoshone Widerness area and we road close to 20 miles and it was very steep up and down with sheer drop offs on one side, so I was hanging on to my horse with my legs as hard as I could all day long. When we got back to his house at 8 pm after getting up at 3:30 am my legs hurt so bad I could hardly walk. But we have to go hunting again tomorrow so I can get a monster buck( we saw only does today) so I sat in a jacuzzi  tub for 30 minutes with super hot water and I took 5 Ibrupropen tablets and now I am ready!!

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