Well, Seth and I made it to Powell, Wyoming and we have moved into the shop of my friend here who is taking us hunting. He has a couple of cots set up for us and we are getting ready for a nap. It took us about 15 hours drive time and we stopped several times for fuel and eats so 17 hours total to get here. We were thinking about finding a Sports Bar somewhere in Powell and watching Thursday Night Football or maybe the Golden State Warriors play the Oklahoma City Thunder. As I was thinking about the list of 26 character traits and how I am doing in each one, I think I have decided that my second worst character trait, right behind orderliness is flexibility. For a middle name all I have is the initial “F”, no middle name, just an initial. When people badger me insisting that it must stand for something I tell them it stands for “flexible”. I like to think I am flexible, but I know that I am very passionate about what I want to happen, and what I want to accomplish, and the good character trait of determination goes beyond good and becomes rigid lack of flexibility. The key for me in maintaining balance between being flexible and being determined is to practice Psalms 37:7, “commit your works, and plans to the Lord, trust also in Him and He will do it”. On a trip like this I plan every detail out, and I push hard to make it happen. When we stop for fuel I am watching the time hurrying Seth up so we keep on schedule. I work hard to get as much done in a day as possible to be a good steward of my time, but it is easy for me to become a fanatic that drives everyone around me crazy. Being a person who is growing in character always requires constant self-examination. It is certainly easier to ignore the weak areas and pretend everything is OK.

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