Successful people part 17

As a Christian I believe God is orchestrating my life, that is the circumstances  that most often appear to be coincidental and random are  planned and controlled by God. In the midst of God’s sovereignty in my life is the freedom that He gives to people to choose, and their wrong, foolish and poor choices have impact on my life. The mix of God’s control and people in various levels of out of control living is a mystery to me, but I have a very strong trust in God’s wise, and loving  control, and protection of my life. In the events that unfold in my life on a daily basis are several purposes for me. A primary one is that the pressure, trials and tribulations that happen to me would make me strong and mature, and that I would grow to be more and more like Christ in character. I need to cooperate with God by not grumbling, complaining, feeling sorry for myself, or getting bitter. Another purpose of God is  In the midst of the events that happen, God puts opportunities to bless, serve and positively influence people. His instruction to me is to look for those open doors every day. I also believe that it is God’s will that I work at fixing, changing, and improving the systems around me that cause much of the pain, conflict, and problems in people’s lives.  Again, that opportunity to make a difference in the world is put there by God before me as a gift. I need to look for those open doors, really look in believing that God wants me to find them and press myself into using the gifts, resources, strength, and wisdom that He has given me to make a difference. As I aggressively do that I will grow. Grow, that is what I want to do, and to be a cause for other people’s growth, many other people.

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