Successful people part 16

i just finished reading a book by the title of “Emotional Intelligence” 2.0. The essence of the book is what I would say to my kids literally hundreds of times as they grew up, “You don’t have to act the way you feel”. You can choose to act responsibly. The New Testament book of Ephesians says, “be angry but don’t sin”, that is feel the emotion of anger but don’t punch anybody. Allowing our emotions to control our words, decisions, and behavior is to live our life out of control, and the more you do that the more out of control your life becomes. Self-control is the goal of every really successful person. Everybody and everything wants to run our life for us and often with ulterior motives. For me almost daily reflection on how well I lived my life is very important in not allowing my flesh, the devil and the world to influence me even a little bit. A great tool for reflection is my journal  where I write what I did and said with complete transparency and try to see myself as a third person.

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