Successful people part 10

imageOne of my favorite pictures.  My granddaughter Blakley giving me some advice on how and what to do to fix my 1949 Ford F-1 pickup.

A major part of the true definition of a successful person is the health, unity, and love of there relationships, especially their family. As an old proverb goes, “a lot of people who are climbing the ladder of success get to the top only to find out that the ladder they are climbing is leaning on the wrong building”. True success is all about right priorities and values. I don’t think anybody will get to the end of their life and feel like they spent to much time with their wife, or kids, or grandkids, but I bet a lot of people as an old person looking back on their life will wish they had spent more.

Successful people know the value of training, teaching, and counseling from others who have done what they want to do. I am going to teach a class on parenting.  I will also teach on  influencing your grandchildren as well, and how to have a good relationship with our adult kids and how to influence them, starting this Wednesday night at 6:45 to 7:45 at Jefferson Baptist Church. It will be a series that will last for several months. There is AWANA for your kids which is a wonderful program, and child care for infants.

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