successful people part 10

Dee’s Goals for 2017

1. I will work with John and plan every detail of our 7,000 mile bicycle trip of hitting all lower 48 States in the summer of 2018.

2. I will plan and ride a 1,700 mile bicycle trip around the State of Oregon in June.

3. I will start an 8 am class on Sunday mornings and will begin with teaching the book of Revelation.

4. I will start up my aquaponics system using cat fish instead of tilapia.

5. I will build an attic in my shop that is very accessible as a place to store auto parts, building material, occasionally used tools etc.

6. I will start a Wednesday night service in the Discipleship Center. I will begin with teaching on how to raise good kids.

7. Patty and I will have new people to JBC to our home or take out to dinner at least 10 times.

8. I will develop an effective assimilation system for JBC and will successfully have 25% of all first time visitors as regulars.

9. I will lead and develop the small group ministry at JBC attempting to start 6 new groups.

10. I will ride my stationary bicycle for 6 hours each week.

11. I will lift weights using the “Strong Lift 5X5” program for 3 hours each week.

12. I will start the project of building the XR3 Hybrid three wheeled car.

13. I will find a good inventory App for my IPad, and inventory everything in my shop with storage location.

14. I will pray with Patty at least 3 times each week.

15. I will take Patty on a date at least twice each month that is enjoyable for her.

16. I will pray for the JBC prayer letter each week.

17. I will faithfully pray for each person that I respond to with an email, a text, or written note before I push send.

18. I will pray for visitors to church twice each week for three months, and I will correspond with them personally at least twice during that time letting them know that I am praying for them and requesting needs to pray for.

19. I will pray through my prayer directory of every person in the church every week, and keep my iPad prayer journal current with names, pictures, and needs.

20. I will attend an average of three corporate prayer events at JBC each week.

21. I will pray for each of my kids, son in laws, daughter-in-law, and grandkids every day.

22. I will pray for a list of lost people in my life every day.

23. I will maintain a personal prayer journal in my IPad that I will record personal and family prayer requests in.

24. I will spend at least 14 hours each week in personal, private prayer.

25. Of the 14 hours of personal prayer at least 1 hour will be on my kneeling bench in my office.

26. I will phone my mother at least once each week.

27. I will write a blog and publish it online at least 300 times in 2016.

28. Of the 6 “face to face” men’s accountability groups that I lead, I will hand off at least 2 of them to another leader who is in the group.

29. I will start 3 more “face to face” men’s accountability groups.

30. I will build a lean-to on the front of my shop that will be used to park cars.

31. I will read at least 100 pages in good books each week, and I will work at doing this while I ride my stationary bicycle.

32. I will listen to at least 2 sermons on line each week, and I will work at doing this while I lift weights or ride my stationary bike.

33. I will faithfully memorize Bible verses using the “Scripture Typer” program on my IPad. I will have 700 verses mastered by the end of the year and be ranked 150.

34. I will roof and enclose the back lean-to on the shop.

35. I will rebuild the 1986 Ford 300 engine and pick-up.

36. I will plan and save so as to finance as much as possible a one week family camping/fishing trip to the Brownlee Reservoir in Richland, Oregon in the first week of June, working at getting as many of the kids and grandkids to come as possible.

37. I will exert great discipline and effort to keep my weight under 200 pounds.

38. I will read 10 chapters each day in my Bible.

39. I will build an apple grinder and press to make apple juice from our apples.

40. I will plant 10 more fruit trees in our orchard.

41. I will put in posts and wires to support a “fruit hedge” in our orchard.

42. I will learn how to do taxidermy and do a full body mount on the cougar that I killed last year.

43. I will do a 3/4 “through the wall” mount of my bear skin.

44. Patty and I will take each of our kids and their spouses out to dinner.

45. I will go salmon fishing in Soldotna, Alaska in July, attempting to bring a grandson, or son, or son-in-law.

46. I will go skydiving.

47. I will faithfully, systematically, and accurately keep track of my use of time every day.

48. I will make a weekly and a daily “to do” list and read it several times each day.

49. I will pray for at least 25 hours in each of the
four “Five Day Prayer” events.

50. I will attend at least two seminars that will enhance my ministry.

51. I will write 50 hand written notes each week to birthday and anniversary people, new people, and people I have prayed for.

52. I will attend the COV prayer summit at Cannon Beach in February and the NWCBA prayer summit at Tadmore in October.

53. I will plan, organize, promote and lead 12 pastor accountability lunches in 2017.

54. I will prepare well and teach five different leadership classes from October to the end of May at JBC, three “Leadership I classes”, one “Leadership II class”, and one “Leadership III class”.

55. I will remind, promote, and pray for our JBC goal of 2020 in average weekend worship service attendance by the end of the year 2020.

56. I will learn how to weld using the Cobra 2000 Oxy/Acetylene system.

57. I will rebuild the back deck and roof.

58. I will use Facebook as a tool to connect with people and work hard to pray for any needs that I read and write that prayer in Facebook.

59. I will build some outside stairs to the second floor of our house with an entrance.

60. I will faithfully begin every day with a prayer of commitment declaring Jesus as Lord of my life, and asking for His guidance, His strength, and His wisdom for the day.

61. I will take voice lessons from Daniel Summers.

62. I will go on a deer hunt in Wyoming in November with Seth and attempt to shoot a big mule deer.

63. I will paint our house.

64. I will with the help of others get all the engineering done for a new parking lot on the new property north of the church, and begin on that project.

65. I will pray every day for Mike Dedera and ask God for wisdom in how to transition leadership of JBC from me to him seamlessly over the next 10 years.

66. At least two times each week I will journal about my self-evaluation of my character flaws focusing on the one character trait out of 26 that I am focusing on for one week.

67. I will go hunting with Seth in the Steens Mts for elk using my black powder riflle.

68. I will go tuna fishing.

69. I will read these goals at least twice each week.

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