Successful people part 9

God as God feels joy and sorrow. A major source of His joy is us His children doing well, just as it is with earthly fathers. When God feels pleasure because we are doing well we sense that pleasure in us and feel wonderful, we “enter into the joy of the father”. Entering into the joy of the Lord is a true and unselfish self worth.  A variety of things motivate us in life, “fear of loss”, “hope of reward”, but doing what we do and doing it well because we know the Lord sees and wanting to please Him is a very powerful motivator. John 8:29-30 Jesus says, “the Father is with Me, and I always do the things that please Him” in 2 Corithians 5:9 Paul says, “his ambition was to please the Lord”. Many get caught up in pleasing people, and it seems that when pleasing the Lord becomes a stronger and stronger motivation in our life it replaces and pushes out the unhealthy desire to be a people pleaser. To be truly successful in life you must have a strong motivation to do something that matters, and being motivated by the desire to please the Lord is a very strong source of motivation and it endures.

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