Sierra Leone day 6

As I taught the pastors today they would periodically interject a condition in Africa that they thought  prevented them from doing as pastors what I was teaching them to do. When they threw it out as a real problem they assumed that it wasn’t that way in America, therefore I had it easier than they did and they were justified in not growing as a church.  In every instance Brad and I would say, yep, I know what you are saying, it is the exact same way in America, and then we would tell a similar story. One was, “here in Sierra Leone, if you say something they don’t like or if you don’t meet their needs like they think you should they leave!”, another one was, “people find so many things to do on Sunday and they don’t come to church much!”, and this one was a little unique for them, “I discipled and trained this guy to be a leader in our church and an Elder and then he announced to me that he was going to get a second wife” , in the U.S. they try and keep it a secret when they get another woman in their life. So we agreed together that people are the same all over the world, and getting people to love Jesus and follow him with all their heart was very hard work, but not impossible. It is rare to find people who have faith in Jesus and also a strong commitment to obey and follow Him, but that is the goal of our ministries. It has been a lot of fun teaching and interacting with them. They are very teachable and truly want to serve the Lord as they lead their churches.

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