Sierra Leone day 5

Today was the day that I taught on goal setting to the pastors at our Bible Institute. It was incredibly rewarding to hear them share some of the goals they were making for their lives, ministries and churches. Conditions are so bad here it is very easy for the Pastors to become “small thinkers” in regards to the possibilities that they have in their churches. My personal goal in teaching them is that they would dream some big dreams and not be afraid or intimidated  to go for their dreams. I was pretty sure a couple of them would come up with some reasonably aggressive growth goals, but I didn’t think they would be willing to share them for fear that the others would think they were crazy. But they all were amazingly bold and excited about doing something big for God. They just shared a little bit today, tomorrow the assignment of writing 12 goals is due and they are to read them in class. I can hardly wait to hear what they are going to share. Today they read their personal prayers of commitment that they are committed to praying every morning for the rest of their lives. It was so cool to hear them read commitments like, “I will love my wife like Jesus loves me”, “I will read my Bible everyday, everyday, everyday”, “I will pray for every person in my church every week”, “I will not get angry at anybody no matter what they do”, and on the list went. It was enough to get a non-emotional guy like me all choked up, and a bit misty eyed.

1 thought on “Sierra Leone day 5

  1. Jerry McIntosh

    Thanks for the post, Dee. Glad to hear things are going well. Even though some of our guys have been through training before, the diversity of our faculty has been a treat for all of them. I’m sure hearing instruction from “the legend” is the best treat so far.



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