Sierra Leone Day 7

I had a very vivid real dream last night. I can’t remember the last time I have had any kind of dream, especially one like this that seemed so real. I woke up with a start thinking that I was getting bit hard by some kind of bug. I looked down next to me where I thought I was getting the bite and I saw a big spider the size of my hand that was bright yellow with big fang like teeth. When I went to kill him he ran off into the sheets. I reached over and grabbed my phone to use as a light and began frantically tearing my bed apart looking for this vicious bug. It was about then that I realized that this wasn’t real and sheepishly looked over at Brad’s bed to see if he was watching the show I was putting on. He was sound asleep and in the morning said he didn’t hear anything. I have heard that the medicine I am taking to prevent Malaria can cause dreams, and boy, did it. I am kind of looking forward to tonight to see what kind of adventure I have while sleeping. We had another great day at Grace Bible Institute teaching the Pastors. Today we talked about barriers to church growth. Things about our churches that discourage unbelievers and unchurched people from coming and attending our churches.  We talked about legalism and how churches often make a long list of rules that define holiness. The pastors said that it was especially  bad in Africa.  After we kicked it around for awhile with a number of them getting very heated and emotional, I shared that we needed to keep the rules to a minimum and only what was very clearly spelled out in the Bible with no stretching to include our favorite prohibition. And even with the short list we needed to remember that people become part of God’s family by faith, not good works or the absence of bad things, and that the pursuit of a godly lifestyle happens after we are born again, not before. They are an incredibly teachable group of guys who love Jesus and want to be good Pastors.

2 thoughts on “Sierra Leone Day 7

  1. Susan Williamson

    Amen! I was trying to clean up my life by myself before becoming a Christian, then a friend told me that Christ catchers His fish and then cleans them, and we need His help to become righteous. So, I waited no longer, I prayed right then and He did help me! I’m not even close to that same person.



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