African exercise bike, day 3

one of the things I do at home is ride my exercise bike an hour every day. It is the most important thing I do to keep my Parkinson’s Disease at bay. I notice a marked loss of mobility when I miss even a day of riding. I didn’t know what I was going to do on this trip to Africa for two weeks. I considered bringing my “under the desk” exercise bike I have at my office but I was sure it weighed more than 50 lbs so I decided just to forget it and see what happens. Right after we arrived here in Sierra Leone we came to the Newton dam sight where we have a fenced in compound with a number of small apartments, and we are staying here with the team we have here overseeing the work. As we were chatting and getting to know each other I was asked about the recent bicycle trip and one question led to another which led to my expressing concern about no exercise bike to which they replied, “there is one here in the storage shed and no one uses it so several hauled it down to our front porch and I rode it this morning for 30 minutes. Because of the temperature and humidity there was a lake of sweat under me when I finished. I am so thankful for that exercise bike. I am feeling good and I am feeling confident that my health won’t keep me from coming back again.

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