Teaching Sierra Leonean Pastors day 4

Monday through Friday is the day’s Grace Bible Institute has class for the pastors of the churches we have started. Today was the first day of class and it went very well. There is very little electricity in the country so we had a generator and ran wires and extension cords to laptops, projectors, fans and lights. It all worked super. We had class from 9 to noon and from 1 to 4 pm. Today I taught about leadership, how to earn the right to lead, and the goal of leadership in a local church. I also got started on goal setting and how goals give us the tools for becoming a visionary leader that people follow. It is fun to teach them because they are so hungry to learn, to grow personally, and have their churches grow. Pastor Brad Ils who pastors Turning Point in Turner, Oregon, one of our daughter churches, came on this trip with me and he is team teaching with me and it is making it so much easier on my voice, and he does a super good job teaching as well.  I gave all the pastors some homework tonight to write a personal prayer of commitment to the Lord that they can pray each morning. They will read them in class tomorrow so that should be very moving for me. It is humbling to think about how things have worked out over the years, doors God has opened up, and here I am in Africa teaching Pastors how to successfully reach the lost, lead their churches and grow. It is a great blessing to be used by God.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Sierra Leonean Pastors day 4

  1. Lloyd

    Super to see you are back on tack with your goals for the trip. VBS started here this morning and we were all in our places with bright shiny faces. The attendance count I heard was 315 for today with probably more for tomorrow. Janet and her lieutenants have things organized to the max. Your leadership guys did well over the week-end. Praying for continued strength for you and growth for your students in Sierra Leone. / Lloyd



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