Sierra Leone- Day 2

I am always bragging on all of the trips over here that I never get sick because of my dairy farming background, and last night I got sick and was up all night running to the bathroom. I have what the Africans call “runny belly”. Pastor Ben came to pick Brad and I up this morning to visit some more schools and churches, and I opted to stay behind close to a real toilet. At noon the African fellow, Julius, who is overseeing the Bible Institute here that I will be teaching in, and whose apartment Brad and I are staying in stopped by with a group of 4 pastors who lead churches in the area of different denominations. He has a Bible study with them each Saturday and they were just finishing. In the course of greeting each other one asked a question  that I answered which prompted another one which led into an hour long question and answer time that was very enjoyable for me in that they were all so hungry for wisdom and very teachable. We discovered that African pastors have the same problems that Amercan pastors do, they have a lot of pride and don’t want to be transparent for fear that someone might discover how weak they really are. Goal setting and accountability were new concepts but ones that they seemed to immediately be drawn to as they intuitively sensed the effectiveness to change and grow through this tool. My statement, “growing pastors have growing ministries” and “people may not know if we are growing, but God does, and He is the one who causes our ministries to grow or shrink”, really grabbed their attention, and caused some obvious conviction. I shared my goals with them and suggested that they each write 12 goals, 6 personal and 6 for their church and each Saturday when they get together they take a little time to report to each other, encourage each other and pray for each other to be good leaders. I think they are going to do it. I would write some more, but I have to run!


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