Sierra Leone-First Day

we slept in this morning until 9 am, which really wasn’t sleeping in because it was 2 am at home, but the sun was shining. We had pineapple and bananas along with fried eggs for breakfast. All the coffee in Sierra Leone is instant, which is really hard for a coffee connoisseur like me to take, but I didn’t complain, instant coffee is better than no coffee. I put two spoons of instant in instead of one and that helps a little bit. We drove around and visited schools today. Starting schools is probably the best thing we have done here. The kids have Bible lessons every day, memorize a bunch of Bible verses, and also learn a lot of Christian songs that they sing, as well as their regular education. When we show up they enjoy performing for us, singing songs, quoting Bible verses and quoting poems and other things they have composed. There is very little in the way of text books or writing material for the kids. Every class room has an old chalk board in the front and the teacher writes information on it and the kids recite it all together. They are all very well behaved even though they are crammed into class rooms like sardines sitting on wooden benches just inches apart. Probably one of the reason they are so good is that there is an adult patrolling the room carrying a little switch. Even though I have been here over 20 times the first day is still  very emotional for me as I observe all of the poverty and the general difficulty of life. I have so much more in Jefferson in the way of possessions and comfort, it isn’t even close. I renewed my bow to be very appreciative of everything I have and grumble about nothing, not even instant coffee.





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