Half Way

Drove from Jefferson to Stockton, California today and sleeping in our tent tonight. Tomorrow we will make it to San Diego and get all ready for the big start on Sunday. I have my trike almost all dismantled and on the top of the camper so that will be the main project tomorrow when we get to where we are camping. I hope I can get it all back together right!! Laying in my tent tonight thinking of the various adventures in my life and what makes them an adventure as opposed to just an interesting experience.  A key part is the element of risk and danger involved. Many people as they made comments to me as we were getting ready to leave was, “be safe”. My thought is, being safe is boring, and if I wanted to be safe I would stay home.  Our culture is in the ultra safe mode with every imaginable safety devise and percaution on cars and everything we buy. I think one reason that these “off the grid” television shows are so popular is people as a whole would like a lot more adventure and risk in their life, but are afraid to make choices that would bring it.  A few near death experiences is really what makes a trip an adventure. We will see if we have any.

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