San Diego

Well we arrived with much bad traffic, but I guess that is the name of the game in Southern California. I started out the day riding in the camper because it is so crowded in the pickup with 6 adults crammed there all day. That was a bad idea. Every bump we hit was amplified many times over in that camper and I bounced all over, and the nice quite reading I was planning didn’t happen.  I moved back in at the next stop. We are now camped in “Campland on the Bay” which is about 5 miles from our official starting place so instead of our planned 42 mile first day it will be 47 miles. Spent most of the evening putting my trike back together and getting everything tuned up,  getting  water bottles located and filled, camera batteries charged, maps located and put in my saddlebags, trail mix put in baggies and put in saddle bags as well, and all my biking cloths located and stacked neatly at the foot of my sleeping bag. I also spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to attach my can of pepper spray for dogs where I would have easy access to it and be able to use it quickly. One of the draw backs with a recumbent trike is I will be eye ball height with dogs who decide I need bitten. It is about 70 degrees at 8’pm and supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow. We will be biking in lots of traffic for the first 20 miles tomorrow as we go through San Diego and we will go from sea level to 4,200 feet in 40 miles so it will be a fun day starting out.  Well, I will chat with you tomorrow and tell you all about the awesome first day and it’s adventures.

6 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Andrew&Stephanie

    We are excited that you are headed our way. Only a few short miles and we will be seeing you on the East Coast. Praying for your first day!


  2. Mike Wilde

    I usually call the dogs that try to bite me when I ride my bike “training partners”- nothing like a big, fast dog to help me kick it into high gear! Just remember when you use that pepper spray to make sure the wind isn’t blowing back in your direction! Looking forward to hearing your first day adventure. Prayed for you today.



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