It is time

Well , it finally came, the night before we leave on our 3,700 mile bicycle trip.  Several years ago when my brother and I did a bicycle trip to Fairbanks , Alaska I forgot my bicycle shoes and had to go to a bike shop to buy a new pair before I could ride,  we hauled everything over to to Klindtworth’s to pack into the camper today. The rest of today I kept racking my brain for what I have forgotten.  I can’t think of anything but I will still wake up ten times tonight trying to remember what I am not remembering.  One of the best learning tools and skills is writing down what was done right and what was done wrong after an event and then reviewing it before the next similar event.  Three  problems though, I forget to write stuff down or I forget where I wrote it, or I forget to read it. Oh well, if there weren’t a bunch of problems life would get boring. I bought our return trip airplane tickets last night. We are due to arrive in St Augustine April 23rd so I bought our tickets to leave on the 26th, just in case we are a couple days late. One of the disciplines that the early church fathers practiced was solitude for the purpose of personal reflection in order to grow. One of my goals for these bicycle trips is to be all by myself most of the day as I ride and be able to think, reflect, confess, commit, and make goals. Maybe my memory will improve as well.

3 thoughts on “It is time

  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee, Prayed for you as I was in my pontoon fly fishing on a lake. Caught a 14″ trout and stopped praying for you as I needed to land it. Praying for a great and safe trip. Will try and get Miss Krause to give me the key to your office so I can “borrow” some of your books!



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