Good tired

Finished the “Five Days of Prayer” tonight. We prayed Monday through Friday, 10 hours each day, 5 to 10 am and 5 to 10 pm each day. I prayed 38 hours and tonight I am really tired, but it is a good tired. There is a tired where you feel a half a step from dead, that is no fun, there is a tired that is more discouraged and depressed than lacking in energy which is a real bummer, tonight’s tired is like what you would feel after you run a marathon and you won! You would be dead dog tired but my oh my you are so excited you hardly feel the exhaustion. That is a good tired, a fun tired, a satisfied tired. My Dad used to say, “feeling tired at the end of a day of hard work is a good feeling, means you did something with your life”! Devoted, sacrificial, prayer that takes long hours, effort to stay focused, and self discipline to get up really early and not fall asleep during prayer or quit early, has that “I won a marathon” feel to it. I believe that this concerted kind of prayer is the most neglected and undervalued and unappreciated activity on the planet earth. I also believe that no activity comes close to producing the eternal results in the lives of people as this kind of praying does. I think the reason I feel so fulfilled in spite of the weariness is that in my heart God has made it known to me the true value of five days spent like the last five. I will see the value when I get to heaven and see the people there because of it. I can’t imagine what that is going to feel like.

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