I finished today teaching for about 15 hours in our annual seminar for pastors and church leaders about prayer and leadership for three days at JBC. It was a great time. So many different people in our church stepped up and worked hard to make this a wonderful experience for the 200 or so that were here. This was truly a “Body Life” event. After it was over Patty and I left for the coast with friends Gary and Lynda Brown for some rest. We went to a very nice restaurant tonight and I stuffed myself on a “Sea Food Platter”. We plan on sitting around reading, sleeping, eating, playing cards, and sleeping some more for the next couple of days, and then back to work. I enjoy working hard and I also enjoy resting and getting energized to work hard again. Nothing is quite as rewarding as doing some significant work for God. Thank You Lord for giving me a Nobel task to do, and thank You for such a great church family that provides the perfect environment for this teaching event.

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