God Bless

The word bless in the Bible basically means to be full of joy. Joy that comes from God in spite of circumstances. Most people think that if their circumstances were better they would be happier. That is probably the most destructive lie that the devil has gotten people to believe and live by. The phrase “blessed is the person” is used almost 100 times in the Bible and it is always used with a condition attached. That is, God’s blessing or joy is given by Him to the person who meets the condition or obeys Him. Many people are unhappy not because of trials but because they are not experiencing the blessing of God in their life because they are violating the conditions He has attached to His blessings. A key requirement for God to fill us with His joy is to be a peacemaker, Matthew 5 says, “blessed are the peacemakers”. Both Psalms 34:14 and 1 Peter 3 say “seek peace and pursue it” the result being that “you will inherit a blessing from the Lord”. The characteristics of a “peacemaker” is that they are not argumentative, they are gracious in their speech, they don’t gossip or slander, they don’t demand their own way, they don’t take offense, they forgive others easily and quickly, they honor others with their words. Sounds like the kind of person I would like to go fishing with. Sounds like the kind of person God will bless with great joy.

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