Awesome Day

God has made me a teacher, and it is always quite amazing to me how I feel when I am doing that especially over a long period of time. Today I taught for about 4 hours in our annual seminar on prayer and leadership. It started today at 1 pm and all morning I felt very tired and wimpy. I anticipated a very hard day, but as I got rolling I felt better and stronger by the minute, and tonight I was on a major “high”, and now it is exactly midnight and I am feeling very awake and energized. Tomorrow I teach all day starting at 8:30 am but I am thinking it is going to be a good day with God working in and through me in the lives of the approximately 200 people who are at the seminar. God has given all of us a Spiritual Gift or ability to do something that blesses others and causes them to grow. It is so much fun to function in the area we are gifted in. If I didn’t know what mine was I would pray, get counsel, experiment, and be relentless in self examination until I discovered what God had made me good at.

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