Waking up in the morning on schedule and starting your internal engine and getting it reved up to a high speed, shifting through the gears, getting into high gear quickly, and then keeping the pedal to the medal most of the day with planned pit stops is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It is much more difficult now at 67 physically than it was at 30, but way easier mentally, and really 80% of what I just wrote is mental. We carry on a conversation in our head constantly and the content of that conversation is what it is all about. If we include the Lord in our conversation all day long then we will be “hot, on fire, highly motivated, passionate”, which is the key to accomplishing a lot with your life, bearing much fruit for the Lord. For me the time that I spend every day with the Lord as a planned date talking to Him about people, His will for my life, my goals, problems etc while I am doing nothing else, is the key to the all day conversation while I am doing something. A totally devoted time with the Lord every day is absolutely essential to focus, energy, joy, wisdom, passion. So few believers take the time for that time with Lord when you are doing absolutely nothing else but talking and listening to Him. A commitment of a certain amount of time, a particular place, and a set time of day is super important to being faithful to this spiritual discipline. 15 minutes is a good starting goal for that daily time with the Lord. I write a lot of my prayers to help stay focused and in tune. The early church fathers felt like an hour a day was essential, and almost anyone can work their way up to that amount if they are faithful to an alone time with the Lord everyday. The energy, the focus and the motivation gained by this daily alone time with God more than off sets the time given doing “nothing”.

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