Rich Overton died today. He had cancer, Parkinson’s, and he was old, close to 90 I think. He was a good friend for years. He has been involved and faithful at JBC for years. Probably my fondest memories of Rich is when he did all of the rock masonry for the huge three crosses on the front of our sanctuary. He couldn’t climb ladders or the scaffolding so we took him up to the top of the scaffolding in a high lift every day. He would work away up there for hours in the heat almost every day for a summer. Rich had a great sense of humor and always smiled, he was the kind of person who always made your joy level go up. He is one of those people who I think of when I read
Genesis 25:8 “Abraham breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life; and he was gathered to his people.”
With all the advances in medicine everybody is still going to die sooner or later. Rich loved Jesus with all of his heart and he is with Him now. I am a bit jealous, but I have a lot more I would like to do with my life before I join Rich, if the Lord lets me.

3 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Kim Wenzel

    Rich was always an encouragement to Lloyd and I…I pray we can always be the joyful servant he was! Is there a service for him? We would love to come. Kim Wenzel



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