Trunk or Treat

We had a fun time at the Hallaween event at JBC tonight, “Trunk or Treat”. 50 parking spots in our parking lot had cars, pickups with candie and decorations and games. The kids and parents go from “Trunk” to “trunk” getting candy. In the gym was free hot dogs, chips, and hot chocolate with a big bouncy house and other games for the kids to play along with face painting and a photographer taking pictures. In the sanctuary was a magic show for the kids with a Bible story along with it. We had a bus shuttling people from other parking lots and the bus was going non stop and our own parking lot was full as well the entire evening. We thought it might be poorly attended this year because of the weather, but I think parents realized that it was better to walk between parking spots and have a warm gym to go into as it was was to walk the streets in this pouring rain. We had a huge turn out. I took my 49 Ford pick up and had one of those fold out canopies to sit under in my lawn chair drinking coffee handing out candie to kids. It did pour rain, like a monsoon. Almost every spot had a canopy and the kids would go from cover to cover having a good time. I drank about 5 cups of hot coffee and ate way to much candy and by the time it was over I was way hyper. I think it will wear off before I preach in the morning. It was nice to take an event like Halloween that has no redeeming value, and turn it into a safe, enjoyable time where they can hear the Gospel. Yep, it was a good time.

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