Successful Surgery

Patty and I got up this morning at 4 am and left for the hospital in Salem at 4:45 am, by 6 am we had all the paper work done and off she went to get a new hip. There was a screen on the wall with a bunch of numbers in different colored boxes. They gave us a piece of paper with Patty’s number and each color represented a stage in the process, so I could walk up to it any time and check and see how she was progressing. When she got to the pink box it meant they had wheeled her into her hospital room and we could go see her. Patty made the move from colored box to colored box right according to schedule, but she got hung up on the next to last box, she was in there way longer than was supposed to happen. Her blood pressure was to low and she had lost more blood than was normal so they needed to give her a transfusion. When I walked into her room and she saw me her blood pressure went right up to normal😄 You will have to ask Patty if that last part is totally accurate! But it was normal when I left and no one knows why except for me!! I got a bit woozy in the hospital which is normal for me so I sat in the recliner in her room and read “Happy Birthday” notes on facebook to me. That was very fun! After I left and came home they got her up in a walker and she got sick and threw up but she said that by this evening that she was feeling much better, and planning on coming home tomorrow evening. It was a good day in spite of the hospital, the surgery, the nauseousness, the unknowns. Today wasn’t a huge trial, but it was a pressure that we faced together trusting God and it feels good. I wonder what is next.

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