The old 49 Ford pickup

Yesterday I finally got my 1949 Ford pickup All fixed and on the road. The C-4 automatic transmission quit working, and I bought another one that was rebuilt and put it in. A friend helped and we finally got it in and it works great. This morning I drove it to church and parked it in the front in the handicap parking spot where everyone could see it. I got lots of compliments on the fine looking old pickup. The pickup is one year younger than I am. It is a 1949 Ford pickup but everything in it is mostly new. The fenders are all fiberglass and new. The bed is steel but still it was all built in 2010. The block of the engine is 1949 but all the rest of the parts are less than 10’years old. An old pickup that is mostly all new. I wish I could do that! An old body that was really mostly all new! Patty is going in on Tuesday for a hip replacement surgery. A brand new hip in an old body! It doesn’t change the fact that her body and mine are getting older and older and it won’t be long now before they just quit working. I have Parkinson’s and my bladder doesn’t work any more and other body parts will probably quit working in the next couple of years. It could be depressing, but every day I remind myself that my citizenship is in heaven and that I am anxiously waiting for my savior to take me home and give me a new body that is eternal. How does that body work? I don’t know but I do believe that God who created everything including the largest star and the ecoli bacteria is more than powerful enough to make my new body.

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