Our church is having a conference this weekend that started tonight on “Evolution vs Creation” put on by “The Institute for Creation Research”. The guys who spoke are scientists with earned PHD’s in a variety of science fields who knew what they were talking about. As I listened tonight I was struck with a thought, people in today’s culture tend to believe anything on the Internet is true when in fact very little of it is. Also people automatically believe that if it is taught in school it must be true. Evolution is taught in schools as scientific fact, but most of what is taught is theory. I also realized that the experts who support and push evolution as the source of human life do so not on the basis of intelligent reasoning based on scientific discovery and proof, but on an emotional desire to do away with God. God represents holiness, and ultimate authority, and judgment which we as as humans with a great deal of pride rebel against, and what better way to eliminate God than to reason Him out of existence. The Bible says, “it is appointed into to man to die and then comes judgment”. I believe that at this judgment I will be declared by God forgiven and accepted into His presence forever because I have personally trusted in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I believe this because the Bible says it is so. If there is a God He certainly would communicate to us, and the Bible is the most viable source of that communication. I know many who strongly disagree with my belief. I guess we will find out some day who is right. If I am right, those who disagree with me will have a long time to to think about it.

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