I Forgot

I am sorry I haven’t written my blog for a couple of days. I forgot!?! Seems strange that I could forget to do something that I have been doing almost every night for over a year. But that is the sad truth. I have a list of daily duties that I check every night to be sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I call them my “Daily Dozen Duties”. The list includes Bible Reading, a time of self examination and confession of sins, prayer and other things like that. I didn’t add my blogging to the list because it would have been thirteen duties and it would have ruined my cute, easy to remember aliterated motto. I often forget to take my Parkinson’s medicine until I am reminded by the increased shaking of my hands. I am trying very hard to firmly establish the habit of writing any thing down that I say I will do for someone else. It is so embarrassing to tell someone that I will do something for them and totally forget. Faithful men keep their commitments, and blaming my memory is wimpy. Now with this smart phone technology with an App for notes as well as a calendar that I can set to have an alarm go off to remind me there really isn’t any excuse except I forgot to put it in the calendar. I have been spending about 30 minutes every day memorizing Bible verses trying to keep my memory sharp by the mental exercise of memorizing the Bible. I have the extra bonus of getting God’s Word in my heart and having the power of it work on all my thinking.

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