Saga of the Elevator continues

JBC’s contract with the company putting in the elevator in our new Discipleship Center said that it would be finished by July 1st. That obviously didn’t happen. About a week ago after numerous phone calls, and emails we got the message that the elevator would be delivered today and finished with installation by the end of the day on Sunday. Finally, but we were all skeptical that it would actually show up today. Yes, there it was bright and early, and all unloaded and all the parts inside the building before 9 am. But the dudes who brought it and unloaded it were measuring stuff and looking a bit serious. I walked over and said, “great to see you guys! When do you start hooking up all these cool looking parts?” Their response was, “We have a problem, the part that makes things go up and down is a foot and a half to long”. My response, “Well, cut it off”! Their response, “Doesn’t work that way, we have to get the right part”. Me, “How long will that take? Them, “We will get back to you on Monday”! That does not sound like it is a couple day delay!!! Personal principles and guide lines in a situation like this which can be described as a terribly frustrating situation where I have zero control. First- Communicate clearly what I would like to happen and duplicate it in writing. Second- Communicate with grace and patience recognizing that anger, irritation, and tough stances don’t increase the probability of a timely finish. Third- communicate to the Lord that I trust Him totally and that I believe He can change and fix anything. Forth- ask God for wisdom and patience to be a good ambassador for the gospel and for the name of Christ by my behavior and my words. Fifth- make a daily commitment until saga is over not to complain, slander, or spend any time fussing about this new dilemma. I like challenges and competition, I think I will win this contest with the devil.

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