My Mom

Drove up to Trout Lake this morning with Patty and daughter Sherri to see my Mom. Her birthday was Sunday so we took her out to lunch and spent a little time with her. It takes almost 3 hours to drive up there and 3 hours back so it was about 10 pm when we made it home. I knew it would shoot a day so I wasn’t real crazy about going but once we got up there and chatting with Mom I was so glad we made the time and I am very committed to doing it again within the next month. Mom watches several good preachers on Television who have been teaching on the return of Christ so we had a nice conversation on that topic. The soon return of Jesus is a favorite of old people who are ready for Jesus to come now! I won’t know the full extent of my Mom’s influence in my life until I get to heaven, but I am sure it is big. I love my Mom and really do enjoy her company and the time spent with her like today, but sometimes when I get super busy and drag my feet about taking the time to come see her, I need to use the “duty card” to motivate myself to do the right thing. I owe her so much and it is my responsibility and duty to give back to her a bit of what she has given to me. Once the “duty card” has me in the car and on the road it is easy then to be motivated by my love for her and the joy I recieve spending time with her. Self motivation is a skill and almost an art. Very few are very good at consistently motivating themselves to be faithful and responsible and highly productive as a servant of Jesus most of the time. The key for me is understanding myself and the part that different ways of motivating myself have. It is like a master builder with a toolbox full of tools and knowing how to use each one to get the job done.

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