My new recumbent trike

I have been working on building a recumbent trike. I cut up my touring bike I road to Portland, Maine and bought several more bikes on Craig’s list, found some really good plans on line and built a nice recumbent trike. It has over 60 speeds and a very comfortable seat built by my son in law who has a business of making interiors for airplanes especially seats. I took it on its maiden voyage today. It had a few glitches to fix, but I think it is going to be a very nice ride for an old guy. I am going with several people from our church in March on another cross country trip to St Augustine, Florida. The trip that we did last year I had major discomfort problems with my rear end. With this new bike and the fine seat that will not be an issue. I also had major neck problems and again with this bike I am sitting up like in my recliner so I will be very comfortable. I am going to spend a $100 and get it powder coated so it will be nice and pretty. My son in law is also making me a head rest for it so I can pull off the side of the road put a budgie cord around the brake handle and take a nap. I need to do some two day trips around here to make sure everything is built to last and to get my legs in shape. This recumbent seems to take more leg muscle than a regular bike. I enjoyed very much doing the research and deciding what style, options, etc I would build into the bike, and then building it. It is very nice. I think because God created everything, that being created in his image there is in us this desire to create things. Lots of fun.

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