Wisdom seeker

Spent an hour today with a young pastor who has been getting together with me periodically to seek wisdom. He is very refreshing to meet with. He is genuinely humble, asks very good questions that he has obviously thought about, listens attentively, and records the conversation so he can go back and listen to it again. His response to my answers is very honoring, and stimulates me to think and give good counsel and advice. He thanks me profusely when the hour is up for taking my valuable time to spend with him, but my thought is that I think I have enjoyed this conversation more than he has. I have had other young guys come and ask for counsel and mentoring, but it seems like many of them do more talking than listening, and it is obvious that they think they know a lot about being a successful pastor already. Every time I have a session with him my thought as he leaves is “he is a rare kind of young man”. I wonder why there aren’t more like him who are hungry for wisdom, humble enough to know they don’t yet have it, yet wise enough to know how to ask really good questions. My greatest joy at my age and stage of ministry is to pass on some of what I have learned over the years by experience to younger guys who will use it to successfully do God’s work and positively influence many people to live for God.

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