Sermon day

My goal is to have my sermon for the weekend all studied and written by Noon on Wednesday. That gives Jean time to put it on Power Point and then I have 3 days to think about it and come up with some good illustrations. Got it done today about 3 pm. Close enough. I will be talking this weekend on the hundreds of prophecies in the Old Testament that have been fulfilled literally. Lots of people scoff at the Bible but there is no book ever written that has more proof of its validity externally from archeology and history and internally from fulfilled prophecy. I enjoy very much studying about all the prophecies that have been fulfilled and all of those that are yet to be fulfilled. I have no doubts that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and not because I grew up that way but because of the study that I have done as a skeptic. Now that I do believe that the Bible is God’s Word, I would be a fool not to use it as my guide for life.

1 thought on “Sermon day

  1. Barbara Yzaguirre

    The sermon was just what I needed Saturday night. Just before church, i really felt Satan attacking me because of the trial Ben and I are going through. Understanding that the Lord knows exactly what is going on, and how precise he is, it really gave me the “shot in the arm” I needed. Thank you!!



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