Patience, have patience

I am building a “trike recumbent” bicycle. It is what they call a tadpole design with two wheels in the front and one in the back. I wanted to buy one, but they cost as much as a motorcycle. I found some nice plans on line and will be able to build a nice one for a fraction the cost of buying one. I am excited about getting it done eventually and riding it. Bicycling is such good exercise for me, but I am having a harder and harder time with my balance. I won’t fall over on my new recumbent trike when I get it done. I am using parts from bicycles to build it and part of the plan to keep the cost down is finding free and cheap bikes to cut up for parts. I called a steel/junk place today and asked them if they had any junker bikes for cheap, and the guy on the phone said hundreds for $30 or less. Super! I drove 30 minutes to the place with my bike rack on the back of my car ready to get some good parts for my project. When I got there the guy said they scraped all the bikes yesterday, and when I told him that I had called and somebody told me there were hundreds, his response was, to bad, whoever that was didn’t know what they were talking about. He then asked me what I wanted with the junker bikes anyway, and I told him of my plan. He then preceded to lecture me for 10 minutes straight about how dangerous those blankety blank recumbent bikes were. He was incredibly rude and obnoxious and not responding was difficult. When I got into the car and headed home I was very irritated, well probably very angry would be more accurate. I fussed and fumed in my head the entire way home. When I pulled into our yard and parked I prayed, “Lord, please help me to forget this, and be filled with Your peace and joy”. I then put the seat back down on the car and took a 20 minute nap. When I woke up I looked on Craig’s list and called on a bike in Albany. 20 minutes later I handed a guy a $20 bill for a bicycle that had the perfect parts with all that I needed.

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