Father’s Day

It is always nice to get texts and phone calls from my kids telling me what a wonderful Dad I am. Being appreciated by those most important to me is a great feeling. When we were raising our kids we did the best we knew how for their sake, so they would be good, with character,and succesful as they grew up. We never were motivated as we raised them by the thought of praise and appreciation from them in years to come, but it sure is nice now. The very strong desire that has been in me from the time our first child was born to have our kids be champions must be God given. When I think back over the years of all the time given, the sacrifices made, the hours in prayer, the money invested it was driven by more than a parents love for their children, it was driven and still is by a strong passion to see them be super succesful in life and fully devoted followers of Jesus. When I think of the white hot passion in me I know that I didn’t put it there, it was just there. As I think about this drive I think that it is God’s way of helping me understand His strong desire to see me become like Him in character, and the willingness to pay such an infinite price for my salvation making it possible for me to live with Him forever.

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