The hardest goals to make for my life are character goals. The reason is that a good goal must be measurable if it is going to be effective in helping to bring about change. The more precise a goal is in describing the Bulls eye, the target the more motivational it will be. So how do I write a goal to be more thankful, more grateful to God and others? I could simply say, “I will be more grateful”, but that is extremely hard to measure progress in. We all tend to be blind to our flaws in this important area of behavior. I can see a grumbler and complainer easily when I am around them, and they can annoy me to death, but how do I  become super sensitive to my own words of fussing and whining, and change to a person who rejoices always?

i think I will write my goal this way, “I will ask one person in the first week of January, 2015 to give me a score on my habit of rejoicing or grumbling from 1 to 100 and to give me specific examples If they can. I will explain the reason for the question and encourage them to be very honest because I very much want to grow in this discipline, habit, and character trait. The second month I will ask the same person plus one new person, the third month the same two plus one more continuing on that system to the end of the year. I will write down the names of the 12 people I will eventually ask for this grade before January 1st, and I will pray for them before I ask them for this  personal evaluation asking God to help them be honest and gracious and for me to be responsive and not defensive.

I am not sure how it will work, but I think I will give it a try and see what happens. I can see that the success of this goal will be in the wisdom I have in the people I ask to point out my blind spots, and in my ability to be humble enough to hear clearly what they say and then to work on changing. Whooooeeeee, this could end up being more painful then putting a catheter in😁

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