Three times a day, every day.

A little over a month ago as a result of Parkinson’s Disease my bladder quit working. Now I have to catheterize myself 3 times every day, every 8 hours. At first I came close to fainting every time I did it, then it got better so I just sweated a lot and got nauseous, now it is slightly more of a nuisance than brushing my teeth. It is a bit of an ordeal so I have to plan my day around those 3 “pit stops”. I recently decided to add a 20 minute prayer time to these interruptions in my day. The Old Testament Saint Daniel prayed three times a day so I thought I would give it a try to add more meaning and purpose to these forced breaks in my day. I have a long list of things to pray for in my iPad so finding enough to pray for is no problem. I have been doing this for just a short time, but already I noticed a marked increase in peace and joy in my life as well as a growing sense of God’s presence. I have been praying that the 10 years between my 65 and 75 birthday’s would result in more accomplished than the previous 38 years of ministry. It might well be that this forced interruption in my life is God’s answer to that prayer. Crazy huh😄

1 thought on “Three times a day, every day.

  1. Jane Gregoire

    I do love how you seem so good at turning lemons into lemonade. I am thankful that you came into our lives for an evening and now I get to read your blog every day. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. God bless you!



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