Have you ever lost something that was very important, and you couldn’t find it even as you desperately looked for it knowing that it was somewhere close. I lost my passport and I had to have it to get my visa for the trip we recently took to Vietnam. The plane tickets had been bought, I had to find that passport, I always kept it in the same place, this was crazy! I did find it after much searching and frantically racking my brain trying to remember where I had put it.

God tells us in His Word that if we would seek for wisdom frantically we would find it, but if our seeking is casual we wouldn’t. I think that I am casual or lazy in my seeking for wisdom when I don’t really think I need it, when I have it all figured out. But then there comes that situation that pushes me into a corner, and I have no clue what to do, what to say. Then I seek desperately for wisdom. But it would be so much better if my seeking for wisdom was an every day attitude of humility, desperate need, and faithful discipline.

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