Nice people everywhere

John and I tend to attract attention because of being on bicycles that are so loaded down with gear. People ask us questions and interact with us and we get lots of waves and smiles on the road as we ride.  A car stopped by our camping spot yesterday with what appeared to be two older married couples. They started asking John questions about our trip and talked with him for a good 15 minutes, and then one of the guys handed John $40. John politely tried to refuse but the fellow insisted saying he wanted to help us even a little bit to accomplish such a noble goal. Nice guy that John is he split it with me and we went to a restaurant for lunch.

Last evening the lady who was in the office of the RV park and campground when we checked in came by our camp in her little golf cart that she uses to patrol the park with a fellow that she introduced as her husband. She said, I wanted my husband to meet you and to hear what you are doing so we talked for almost 30 minutes. We said good night and they buzzed off.

This morning he came back and said, I know this is your rest day and I also know we are going to get some more rain so I would like to offer you my RV for the rest of today and tonight. Again we politely said that we were doing OK in our tents, but he insisted. We began packing all our stuff up to move to his RV, and as we were about to head over there he came by again and talked with us for over an hour. Come to find out he was a Christian and he was also the owner of the park and was really wanting his RV park to be a place of service and a place where people could experience the love of Jesus. He said most that were there came because they wanted to work in the oil fields or other jobs being created by the oil in the area. They came because things were bad where they had come from and most were desperate and had very little, and surprisingly most were older. He communicated that he really cared for these people and wanted to help them. He prayed for us that God would guide us and protect us on our trip. We gave him our Blog sight info and he said he would keep up with our trip and pray for our successful finish. He also said that if we had any problems on our trip to call him and he would come and help us. John jokingly said, what about if we are in Maine, and he said, you will have to give me a couple of days. Very nice guy.

4 thoughts on “Nice people everywhere

  1. Lloyd

    You must be looking a little road weary if people are being so nice to you:) Actually, it’s great to hear. Praying and cheering for you.



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