16 mph head wind

We were supposed to get up this morning and be pedaling towards New Salem, North Dakota at 6:30 am, but here it is 9 am and we are sitting in our free RV drinking coffee, reading, and listening to the wind howl and the rain fall outside. We iooked at the weather report last night on my iPad and it had a big red exclamation mark on it because of a big storm with winds up to 30 mph coming through. The big problem was the wind would be blowing from the East and averaging 16 mph. Tomorrow as the storm passes the wind is predicted to be blowing from the West at 10’to 13 mph. We voted on what to do this morning and it was unanimous, let’s have another rest day in this cozy, comfortable, roomy, warm and free RV. We had built in 5 extra days in our planning for events like this. 

Once we had voted that the wise thing to do was hunker down and wait out the storm I needed to call our new friend and ask if it was OK with him to take advantage of his hospitality. As we were discussing how early to call he knocked on the door, and came in and said, “there is a terrible storm building out there, it will be dangerous on a bicycle with the kind of wind gusts we have around here in a storm like this, and  I think you boys should stay here for another day”. OK, we will do that, thank you very much! 

So, we will have 2 rest days back to back. That will feel so nice. I will get a lot of reading and writing done today. Thank you all for your prayers for us. This couldn’t have worked out better considering the circumstances. Love you all. Dee

3 thoughts on “16 mph head wind

  1. Laurie Goldman

    I pray God’s blessing on all these dear people who have been so kind to you guys and I thank God for His marvelous provision through them. When I prayed for you this morning, I thought about the fact you don’t always know ahead of time where you will be staying, or if it will be adequate. Luke 9:58 came to mind as I saw the similarities between how Jesus was–beginning with His birthplace, throughout His ministry on earth, and culminating with a borrowed tomb–at the mercy of others in this regard as well. “And Jesus said to him, ‘Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.’


  2. Robyn Paege

    I can see The Lord is blessing you beyond all our imaginations and keeping you safe and sound. Praying for continued blessings, with great expectations. Have a great rest!



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