Maybe I will quit

Faithfulness and endurance are two character traits that God values highly in us, and they are in my opinion the two most important character traits for general success in life in every area as opposed to talent, giftedness, or intelligence.  A lot of people start well but few finish well. I have wanted to quit this stupid bicycle trip often, but I haven’t and I won’t. Most days it is fun, exciting, challenging, and I thank God for the awesome privilege of doing it.  But other days it is hard, tedious, and I would rather be doing anything else.  Before we left I wrote a little sermon to myself to help keep me motivated,  faithful to the goal, and determined to persevere through the “I want to quit times”. 

(1) Know without a doubt that the “I want to quit” days will happen, and probably happen a lot considering what a wimp I am. Our flesh hates “hard”. Don’t be surprised when they happen and plan on it happening.

(2) remind yourself over and over that the desire to quit will pass if you persevere.

(3) remind yourself that when you persevere and don’t quit when you feel like it, you will be a bit stronger as a person and it will be easier to persevere the next time the desire to quit comes.

(4) God loves to give His strength to those who ask. Ask a lot.

(5) Remind yourself often that short lived relief comes from quitting, followed by remorse, but long felt joy and satisfaction comes from finishing strong and completing the goal.

(6) Remind yourself that the desire to quit will be overwhelmingly strong, conquer it or it will conquer you.

(7) Doing this trip with John makes the probability of succeeding go up substantially. We are always stronger with others than by ourselves. God made us that way.

(8) the more people who pray for me for strength, faithfulness, and endurance the better I Will do. 

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. I love you all. Dee

7 thoughts on “Maybe I will quit

  1. Katherine Hunter

    What an inspiration you are! Your words of encouragement spoke to me today more than you can imagine. Fighting that “invisible war” and wanting to quit myself.
    Kathy Hunter


  2. Jesse Kampfer

    That is all so true and really good stuff. Really wise to have this written ahead knowing that the Desire to quit would come! Keep up the good work. One pedal stroke at a time!!


  3. sandee doughton

    Im crying at work while I read this! You are such an example, Dad and Im sooooooooo thankful for you! Dont quit you can do it!! 🙂


  4. Leah Carter

    So proud to have you as our pastor! You set a great example to follow (not that i will ever bike across the nation) and it is something you dont just preach; you practice it daily. Keep going strong! Praying for you daily!


  5. Don

    Dee, we can never imagine God’s perfect timing. My wife read your blog this morning on quitting. It comes at a time when she wants to quit our marriage. She asked me to read it as well, so here I am. This will be our guide from now on. I can only thank God for your suffering and advance wisdom to cope with it. Let’s trade prayers; me for your strength on your trip and you for our marriage. Thank you and God bless!



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