2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 49

Today was a good day of riding even though we had a very strong head wind for the last 15 miles of the day. We also had a big climb the first 12 miles of the day then it was mostly flat after that. The scenery was beautiful with lots of snow-covered mountains, streams, lakes, and big fields that I imagine have lots of deer, antelope, and elk feeding in them. We did see quite a bit of wildlife today as we rode along. I had a minor wreck today. I was riding along looking at the scenery and I got to close to the edge of the road and went off into the gravel and then down a slight embankment and flipped over. I didn’t get hurt and my bike was fine, and the most important thing, nobody saw me! We are at a bicycle hostel tonight which is very nice. This old guy who is a bicycle enthusiast leased land from the government and he built four log buildings and finished them very nice. There is a bathroom, a shower, nice eating area and an area to sit and read or do whatever you want. There is plenty of area for cots, pads and sleeping bags as well. He did this as a service to the people who bicycle the Transamerica route each year. There is no charge to stay here though I did see a little donation box on the door. We bicycled 72 miles today and we are in the town of Dillon, Montana. I think we are done with the rain for the rest of the trip; hallelujah!

The road at the bottom of the picture is what we rode up this morning.

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