2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 48

The weather for the last three days has been terrible to ride a bicycle in. It has downpoured, snowed, been very cold, and the wind has blown 30 mph. So we have not ridden our bicycles for three days waiting for this storm to blow over. We have driven the planned route with the bicycles in the trailer and we have stayed in motels, the cheapest we can find. Today we are camping in Ennis, Montana and riding our bicycles tomorrow to Dillon, Montana. The weather prediction is winds averaging 20 mph with gusts to 40 mph and most of it will be headwinds. I am predicting a very difficult day on the bicycle. After tomorrow I think it is going to be mostly good weather with moderate to little wind. The three days of not riding have given me a good time of healing up various ailments so the next ten days of riding should be good. One of the things I have done while waiting out the storm is to go back and read my blogs from previous bicycle trips. They have all had their adventures, challenges, and set backs.

A flag on the office where we are camped tonight

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