2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 50

Today we had two huge hills to climb, and they were both over 7,000 feet in elevation where we hit the pass. But what goes up must come down, so we had some awesome downhill rides. I got up to 45 mph going down one stretch, and Cliff said he got up to 47 mph. When you are going that fast on a skinny bicycle, it is a major adrenaline rush. Also, on the downhill after the second pass, we had a 20 mph tailwind. It was a 25-mile gradual downhill, but with the tailwind, we cruised along at 20 mph for most of the way without hardly ever pedaling. That is a nice way to get some easy miles. We have had almost a bug free trip so far, but today we got into the mosquitos. So we broke out the deet and applied liberally. We rode 70 miles today and again had breathtaking beauty with all the snow-covered mountains. June 15th is when the BLM land opens for grazing so we got engulfed with beef cows being herded up the road to pasture. We are camped in a town called Wisdom, Montana. Tomorrow we have a very similar day as today.

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