2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 41

Today we had an easy day of riding in the first half of the day, the road was flat, there was a slight tail wind, and we saw at least a hundred antelope as we rode along. The first half of the day we were riding almost straight north, but then we started going straight West and the wind changed and picked up speed and we were riding into a 15 mph headwind. You put your head down, shift it into low gear and plug along. We made it to a nice KOA camp with a covered eating area and a great place for tents.

We saw a number of other riders today doing the same route that we are, and we had a great conversation with them. They were from Brooklyn, New York and we had some fun with their accent. We probably will see them some more on the trip.

We have conversations everyday with people at the campgrounds, the restaurants, and at gas stations when we stop to use the bathrooms. They see our bikes and immediately start asking us questions about our journey. Most think we are crazy😀

One of the disciplines that I am growing in is motivating myself to do things on my list of goals and disciplines when I am tired to the bone. We get into camp, get everything set up, eat, and then there are four or five hours to read, memorize, and write, but all I feel like doing is nothing, just sitting in my reclining camp chair and being a zombie and it is easy to justify too.

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