Climb Mt Adams

Having grown up in Trout Lake which is near Mt Adams and because our church has hosted a Mt climbing trip up Adams each year for the last 40 years I have climbed Mt Adams a bunch. But I have failed to make it to the summit the last three times I have climbed. Last year I didn’t even try, I basically figured that, that chapter of my life was over. I have been thinking about it a lot for the last year. I would like to make it to the top and then retire from climbing, not go out as a loser. I figured that if I could camp at the 10,000-foot mark and then summit from there that I could make it, which is what I did the last time I climbed two years ago. But carrying the weight of the pack had me all tuckered out and I only made it another 1000 feet the next day before I quit. So I decided I needed to climb a week after I get back from my bicycle trip when I will be in pretty good shape after biking an average of 70 miles each day for 62 days, and I needed to find a tough young guy who would climb with me and carry my camping stuff along with his own. Well, I was telling my plan to my son-in-law at our family Easter dinner, a pastor in Washington who just happens to be a tough young guy, and he said he would carry my pack and climb with me. So I have a new B-HAG, “Big Hairy Audacious Goal.” “I will successfully climb Mt Adams with my son-in-law camping at the “lunch counter” summiting the next day, and then camping again on the way down. We will do this on July 7th, 8th, and 9th.”

Many people fall away from the Lord when they get older, and many seniors plateau and stop growing. One of the reasons is that as people get older, they tend to eliminate hard things and activities from their life. I don’t want to backslide or stop bearing fruit as I get older, I want to keep shifting into a higher gear and finish my life with a sprint.

Here is a picture of my tent on Mt Adams two years ago when I tried to summit the mountain but failed.


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5 thoughts on “Climb Mt Adams

  1. Rick Green

    God speed, Dee! I’m making my third attempt up Mt. Elbert in Colorado at the end of July. I have the same feeling about going out a loser. My wife is not happy with me for going again, but I tell her it’s my one motivation to try and stay in shape. That seems to quiet her down. I’m training harder than before. I plan to make it to the top of Mt. Elbert—14,439 ft!


  2. Marvin Hiebert

    Dee, remember when we climbed Mt Adams and it seemed like it took us around 5 hours or so. It only took a half hour as we slid down on the snow. We wore shorts and you got burnt on your legs really bad. I know you will make it. I would not.


    1. deefduke Post author

      Marv, Yes, I remember it well. I tell that story to my grandkids when they don’t put their sunscreen on😀Good to hear from you! Hope all is going well.


  3. Karen

    Back in 1994, I was in my 20’s & saw this quote that I’ve lived by:
    “To be old is to shrivel up & do nothing. But to be young is to keep blooming, to do something.” Kirk Douglas, Actor
    ….which is why I’ll be in my first Tap Dance recital at age 54 in June! 😃
    I look forward to seeing your pictures from the top of Mt. Adam’s!



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