Managing Pain

I feel a lot more pain in my muscles from my Parkinson’s now than I did a year ago. It has taken me a little bit of time, but I have my rules worked out that I follow as I manage this nuisance in my life. I read them a couple times each week to keep them fresh in my thinking.

1. Don’t ask or think “why,” because it makes no difference in the level of pain I feel, and even if I figure out the answer nothing will change, the pain is still there, so just accept it.

2. Don’t think self-pity thoughts for a second, nothing will turn me into a grouchy old man quicker.

3. Remember the good old days of great health, energy, and coordination, and rejoice and thank the Lord for so many of those good days; they were a gift from God.

4. Think about heaven and my new glorified body in great detail at least a dozen times each day; it won’t be long now😀

5. Stay faithful to reading the Bible every day in significant volume even though I don’t feel like it when I am hurting.

6. The same goes for praying, memorizing scripture, reading good books, writing, and listening to podcasts of good preaching and teaching.

7. Don’t let pain turn you into a wimp or a cry baby.

8. Pain makes me tired mentally and emotionally, but don’t say “no” to opportunities to bear fruit for God; he gives strength to the weary if they get out of their recliner.

9. When the pain becomes unbearable, say, “Thank You, Lord, for building my character! I can do this with Your strength.”

10. Always be pleasant, cheerful, and focused on others in all social settings.

11. Don’t say things intended to elicit sympathy from others.

12. Take your meds on time and exercise as if it is the most important thing you do for your health, because it is!”

4 thoughts on “Managing Pain

  1. Bev Hilton

    As we get older it seems pain comes with it. Ones we love go to heaven and we miss them. We’re all important to “someone”, no matter what condition we’re all in. Keeping active as much as possible like you say, and mentally active as well. I think of heaven more now then i ever did. I’m encouraged when i hear or read about someone’s trip to heaven and they get to come back and tell us. We have no idea all the joys that await us there.



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